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My moto - The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Think positively, live positively and beautifully.

I have always focused on the beautiful positive things that bring meaning and purpose in what I do. As an artist, I try to emulate that in a visual sense, making the spaces around me feel joyful and vibrant.

A bit about my journey - 

I am a mixed media graphic artist, painter and musician. A self professed philosopher and environmentalist, my career has criss crossed through the music and art worlds for the last 15 years. Aussie born, now living permanently in London, I have travelled all around the world, finding inspiration in so many amazing places.

I absolutely love animals & nature and since I was a little girl, I was always drawing & painting dogs, wild animals in vast landscapes and people that I knew. I am incredibly passionate about being kind to our planet and to our animals and I like to contribute to causes that I believe in.

I sell commissioned portraits of pets and people as well as prints of my original artwork.

I look forward to helping make your home more personal and beautiful.

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Hi, I'm Harneeta, I've worked in fashion design most my adult life. Enjoying a career from lingerie to tailoring to prints. I have a love for all things creative and love to paint, sketch and make in many different mediums. It's a joy learning and working with Sarah and hope to be able to add to her beautiful style as her printing and drawing assistant.

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